"We simply need that wild country available to us, even if we never do more than drive to its edge and look in. For it can be a means of reassuring ourselves of our sanity as creatures, a part of the geography of hope."

Wallace Stegner

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Wallace Stegner

The Campaign for America’s Wilderness
The Campaign for America's Wilderness works with grassroots advocates and state coalitions to protect the nation's last best wild places for future generations by adding them to the National Wilderness Preservation System. www.leaveitwild.org

The Wilderness Society
Founded in 1935, The Wilderness Society has led the conservation movement in wilderness protection. The mission of The Wilderness Society is to protect wilderness and inspire Americans to care for our wild places. The Wilderness Society uses science and collaboration with communities and conservation groups to bring about sensible policies and positive change in land conservation. www. wilderness.org

Check out The Wilderness Society's Activist Guide !

The Sierra Club
Since 1892, the Sierra Club has been working to protect communities, wild places, and the planet itself. In order to save what remains of our nation's wild legacy, the Sierra Club has launched a campaign to work with local communities protect fifty-two of our most exceptional places--one in every state, plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia--over the next ten years. www.sierraclub.org. The Sierra Club has chapters across the country. Your chapter offers opportunities for hikes and other outings, activism on local and state issues, and much more. www.sierraclub.org/chapters

Wilderness Watch
Wilderness Watch is dedicated solely to protecting the lands and waters in the 110 million-acre National Wilderness Preservation System. Wilderness Watch strives for proper stewardship of these remarkable Wilderness reserves through citizen oversight, education, and continual monitoring of federal management activities. www.wildernesswatch.org

National Wildlife Federation
The National Wildlife Federation inspires Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future. Global warming, the loss of habitat, and people becoming more disconnected from nature than past generations are converging on a dangerous path for our planet. Through its regional field offices and affiliate organizations NWF is focusing on these challenges to help ensure America's wildlife legacy continues for future generations. www.nwf.org

National Outdoor Leadership School
Founded in 1965 by legendary mountaineer Paul Petzoldt, NOLS--a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational institution--takes people of all ages on remote wilderness expeditions, teaching technical outdoor skills, leadership, and environmental ethics in some of the world’s wildest and most awe-inspiring classrooms. www.nols.edu

WildLink brings one hundred culturally diverse, low-income students from across California (and inner-city Detroit) on wilderness expeditions every year. The students take digital photos, write in their journals and collect resource monitoring data. All of this information is loaded onto the WildLink website for online viewing and use in their classrooms. Students return to their communities as ambassadors for wilderness. Follow-up activities include family weekends, where students can guide their own family members during a visit to Yosemite, rock climbing in Central Valley climbing gyms with living legends like Royal Robbins, and internships where students can spend 3 months working in Yosemite. www.wildlink.wilderness.net

Yellowstone to Yukon
Y2Y's vision is that the entire Yellowstone to Yukon region will be managed so that this world-renowned mountain system and its inhabitants (both wild and human) remain healthy and connected for centuries to come. Wilderness and other protected landscapes are the cornerstones of landscape-level conservation because the health of the wildlife, plants and natural processes found within their boundaries takes priority over the kinds of human activities, and thus provide refuges for wildlife where they can roam in their natural patterns of movement without encountering man-made obstacles. Y2Y’s partners include local grassroots and community groups, government agencies, funders (both institutional and individual), Native American and First Nations communities and organizations, scientists and researchers, businesses, and others whose work contributes directly or indirectly to advancing the Yellowstone to Yukon vision. www.y2y.net

American Wildlands
American Wildlands works to restore and maintain the connections between key habitats for healthy populations of native fish and wildlife. For over 30 years, American Wildlands has used science, respectful advocacy, and community engagement to pursue a vision of a region with interconnected habitats that support healthy populations of bears, wolves, elk, trout, and the other magnificent Rocky Mountain wildlife. www.wildlands.org

Wildlands Network
The Wildlands Network represents networks of people protecting networks of land. The focus is to restore, protect and connect North America's best wild places. www.wildlandsproject.org

Natural Resources Defense Council
NRDC uses law, science and the support of 1.2 million members and online activists to protect the planet's wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all living things.With the support of members and online activists, NRDC works to solve some of the most pressing environmental issues today: curbing global warming, getting toxic chemicals out of the environment, moving America beyond oil, reviving our oceans, saving wildlife and wild places, and helping China go green. www.nrdc.org

The WILD Foundation
Founded in 1974, WILD is the only international organization dedicated entirely and explicitly to wilderness protection around the world. WILD works to protect the planet’s last wild places and the wildlife and people who depend upon them, because wilderness areas provide essential social, spiritual, biological and economic benefits. www.wild.org

The Wild Foundation is involved in numerous policy and research initiatives about wilderness all around the world. See: Research. For their report on wilderness law and policy internationally, see: Wilderness Law/Policy


  • “Wild By Law” (Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center)
  • “American Values, American Wilderness” (High Plains Films)
  • “Monumental: David Brower’s Fight for Wild America” (Bullfrog Films)
  • "Artic Dance: The Mardy Murie Story” (NDi Media)
  • “Wild For Good” (First Light Films)
  • "The Greatest Good" (The U.S. Forest Service)


  • “A Wilderness Forever Future: A Short History of the National Wilderness Preservation System” (A Pew Wilderness Center Research Report)
  • "The Enduring Wilderness: Protecting Our Natural Heritage through the Wilderness Act", by Doug Scott (Fulcrum Books, 2004)
  • "Our Wilderness: America’s Common Ground", by Doug Scott (Fulcrum Books, 2009)
  • “Stand By Your Land: An Activist’s Guide to Helping People Protect America’s Wild Places”  (The Wilderness Society’s Wilderness Support Center)
  • “Wilderness and the American Mind”, by Roderick Nash (Yale University Press 2001)

There are many national, regional and local organizations dedicated to conserving wildlands and healthy ecosystems for wildlife and for people. This list of resources represents some of the resources the film makers referred to in producing FOREVER WILD. This list is not all inclusive, nor does it denote an endorsement of these organizations or their web content.